Property Tax

Who Imposes This Tax?

In Ohio, all real and personal property taxes are calculated by the County Auditor and collected by the County Treasurer in each county. The amount of tax levied is based upon inside millage established by state law as well as specific tax levies passed by the voters in each jurisdiction. Property tax in Ohio is levied in one year and collected in the next year.

Tax Rate Calculation

The estimated market value of your property, as determined by an appraisal process supervised by the County Auditor, is multiplied by 35% to obtain the taxable value. The taxable value is multiplied by the appropriate tax rate to establish the annual gross property tax. The gross property tax may be further reduced by state credits for non-business use and owner-occupied properties, as well as homestead exemptions as appropriate.


In addition to property taxes, your tax bill may include separate charges or assessments for weed cutting; sidewalks, curbs and other improvements; and delinquent water and refuse charges.

Your Tax Bill

The property owner of record typically receives a property tax bill in late January of each year. The tax bill can be paid in full by the due date in late February or one half of it can be deferred until the due date in July. Payments should be sent to the Montgomery County Treasurer.

Other Questions

Contact the Montgomery County Auditor's Office at 937-225-4326 or the County Treasurer's Office at 937-225-4010.

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