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No Income Tax Return

  1. City of Englewood No Income Tax Return
    Per the Englewood Tax Ordinance, all residents are required to file an income tax return even if there is no taxable income and regardless of whether Federal or State returns are filed.
  2. mm/dd/yyyy
  3. mm/dd/yyyy
  4. If your answer is YES for any of the questions above, you cannot use this tax form to file.
    You must use the IR-1 form or the IR-EZ from as you do have taxable income
  5. Please note that submitting this form you are:
    Declaring that the information submitting is true, correct and complete for the taxable period stated and that the figures used herein are the same as used for Federal income tax purposes, adjusted to the ordinance requirements for local tax purposes, and if an audit of the Federal return is made which affects the tax liability shown on the return an amended return is required to be filed within three months.
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