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Application for Automatic 6-Month Extension of Time to File

(Form 4868-E or 7004-E)

Individual or Business Income Tax Return for the City of Englewood

If a business, Federal ID:
Mailing Address:
1. City Account Number:
2. Email Address :
3. Type of Return :
If individual, skip to question 5
4a. The application is for calendar year 20:
or tax year beginning :
4b. Short tax year. If this tax is less than 12 months, check the reason:
5. Tentative total tax:
6. Total payments and credits :
7. Balance Due (subtract line 6 from line 5) :
*Please note, this form extends the time to file a return but DOES NOT extend time to PAY*
**This extension request must be received by the original due date of the return in question**


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