Englewood, OH


Do I have Englewood water?

All Englewood residents north of Interstate 70 have Englewood water. Residents south of Interstate 70 but west of Union Boulevard also have Englewood water. Water for Englewood residents south of Interstate 70 and east of Union Boulevard is provided by Montgomery County. Some non-residents who reside in the Cedar Knolls subdivision receive water service from Englewood, and sewer service from Montgomery County.  Englewood bills these households for both services.

What is the billing frequency?

The combined water, sewer and trash bills are due for payment every other month on the 10th of the month. Trash is billed one month in advance. Water and sewer are billed based on consumption.

Can you give me tips for paying my bill?

If you are paying on or before the date due, you should pay the net amount. If paying after the date due, please pay the gross amount. The gross amount consists of the net amount plus a 10% penalty for paying late. The 10% penalty is based only on the water and sewer portion of the bill.

What are the payment methods?

You may pay in person inside the Government Center using cash, check, money order or Visa, Mastercard or Discover. You may also drop your payment into the drop box located outside the library. Auto bill payment is also available by signing up in person or online. Paperless billing is also available by signing up online.

What is the water hardness?

21 grains is the water hardness for Englewood.