Roads & Service


Responsible for maintenance of all city buildings and city-owned property, of roads and of water and sewer lines. It is also responsible for the treatment of water and wastewater.

Water Main Breaks & Boil Advisories

No advisories at this time

Current Projects

The 2018 Leaf Pickup program began Tuesday, October 9th and will run through Wednesday, November 21st.

  • Rake your leaves into the street, approximately 6 inches away from the gutter, to allow rain water to go into the catch basins.
  • Leaf pickup creates a fine dust in the air, so plan to wash cars or hang laundry outside after pickup in your area.
  • Leaves will not be picked up from under, between or around parked cars.
  • Do not put grass clippings, tree branches or brush with your leaves. They clog the vacuum units and will not be picked up.
  • Do not try to rake as trucks are going by.
  • Bagged leaves will be collected during normal trash pickup.

Road Closures & Delays

(none to report)

Service Resources

After-hours water or sewer emergency - call 937-836-2678